Sonya (phyx) wrote,

Everything's comin' up Milhouse!

I am going to see some live Phish concert tonight at a film theatre. I saw Vida Blue and the other spinoff band at the Fillmore 2 weeks ago, but this will be my first near-Phish experience. Everyone I know likes them.

I will be attending with 2 Jasons. Usually, there is an excess of Johns or Tims in my life. Now, it's Jasons. Nicknames will have to be distributed for my filing purposes.

Miscellaneous Good Things:
I am training some newbie in an hour. He looks like Tim Robbins.
I am going camping this weekend in Humboldt County.
I have maxed out my 401k for 2004 and my IRA.
I am the happiest person I know.
lucidlife gave me a gmail acct.
I have friends like lucidlife.
I made a great Baingan Bharta for dinner last night.
I picked a pint of blackberries on my hike yesterday.
My little sister just had a baby boy that she will call Walker (Texas Ranger)!
My eye has healed almost entirely.
My knee is starting to refoliate.

One Bad Thing:
Every time I try to use vi to edit this speech, I delete the entire thing because I'm using the default HTML editor. Phooey.
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