Sonya (phyx) wrote,


No new seizures since January, but no driver's licence until April now. Such are the laws of Ohio -- preferable to California, where I would not be able to drive until 2007, but at least there was public transit to move my lethargic ass around back in the Bay Area. Here in small-town Ohio, there are no jobs either. Slim pickings for me.

I have hope in other realms, if not employment. I am taking a class right now to ripen my degree in preparation of a Master's degree. I might as well do that now. I just wish we had the employment and the financial purse we had back in the Bay Area, the allowance to which we had grown accustomed.

The anticonvulsants have terrible side-effects. The worst is my inability to recall and process language. It's there, somewhere, in my head, but I can't speak it. Some of the other horrors are memory loss, aphasia, myopia, constant dry eyes, hallucinatory vision, migraines, tension headaches, motor skill problems, general Alzheimer-like issues. Last night, for example, I turned one of the oven dials from bake to broil even though the temperature dial was set properly. I set it to bake all the time. Why I did this, I do not know. My brain is dissolving in my skull.
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