Sonya (phyx) wrote,

dog gone sadness and home improvement projects

I am thinking about re-upholstering one of our sofas. My mother-in-law re-upholstered a couple of her chairs, so I'm sure it's possible, but this sofa is three times as big. Plus, I would need the fabric... lots and lots of fabric... Fortunately, I am on the JoAnn Fabrics mailing list, but this is not only a sofa, but a sofa bed ... and it's HUGE. Currently, it needs to be steamed and cleaned since our purebred golden retriever is now gone for the summer. We dropped her off in Michigan with our folks to play in the lake for the rest of the summer. We will certainly miss her. I miss her already every time I open the kitchen cabinets, she is not hopping up the stairs panting at my side for a bite of whatever I might be preparing for dinner. She was the most affectionate dog in the world, but she shed like the fur-producing machine she is. I will be vacuuming up her excess fuzz for weeks, I'm sure. Dear Pfeebie, how you were loved, how you tore up the carpets, how you drooled on my lap, but how you kept us warm when we were cold and cheered me up when I was depressed. I miss you already.
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