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Happy Bastille Day!

You have read this already if you read my ramblings on *7p, but I thought it deserved multi-postings. ;)

This morning has been rather productive. I have already prepared the ingredients for this Japanese Rice Noodles dish with a Lime-Peanut Sauce. The mis-en-place is fully together. Tonight, all I have to do is pull out the wok and cook it at medium-high heat in a peanut oil. I even roasted the bell peppers and diced them, minced the serrano chiles, juiced the limes, chopped the snow peas, measured out the peanuts, toasted and chopped those, prepared the lime-peanut dressing with sesame oil, broth, and soy
sauce and some chopped fresh cilantro. I cut up the tofu into those annoying matchstick pieces for frying.

That's not the whole recipe; there's also ginger, garlic, and scallions, which I've already prepared, and some rice noodles, which I'll prepare later tonight. But, man, do I feel productive. Plus, dinner will go quickly.

Also, for tomorrow night, I prepared a casserole and put it in the fridge since we'll be at a hockey game in the afternoon. We can just bake it for an hour, sprinkle it with freshly grated parmesan, and it's fully edible!

Sunday, we're having firesign3000 over, so I've got the lamb chops thawing and am considering an Indian side dish for the grilled chops... Unless anyone else can recommend another option. I am not an expert with lamb, since I never really ate it at all until university.

Suggestions for a side dish?
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