Sonya (phyx) wrote,

Sisyphean home improvement projects

One thing I loved about this house when we bought it was, of course, that it was the best neighbourhood here in town. The next best thing was that we could easily put down the 20% on it with some leftover cash for a bit more activity. Of course, the reason we could do this in the best neighbourhood here in the most expensive local town is because it's a fixer-upper. I saw it as a challenge. I love challenges. Now, however, the tasks are growing Sisyphean. I am intimidated by scraping paint off the siding for repainting. I have to replace rotted or sun-damaged wood on the north side with faux-wood I bought from Abatron (highly recommended, btw). I have to, eventually, replace all of the windows, which are so large and unusually shaped that I know it will cost a fortune that we no longer have. Some of the carpets need to be replaced. Some of the hardwood needs to be replaced. Some of the laminate needs to be replaced... Sisyphean.

Fortunately, the house was recently valued and is worth far more than I was able to bargain it down for when I bought it, but I plan on selling it in the next few years and I want to fix these things before I do so it will be worth even more than its current value. I want it up to snuff with the other fancy homes in the best real estate neighbourhood in this smug town. Maybe that's why it's Sisyphean. I work at something every day, but there's so much. I think I'll have a full-time job by the end of next week. I was hoping it would be part-time, but what can you do? I will take the cash and the love from my employer.
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