Sonya (phyx) wrote,

16 days until Christmas, 173 days until we move

Actually, I don't care that much, but I have a lot to do before we leave for Michigan and Ontario. I want to get the house in some ordered order. I hate coming back home after a long vacation and finding a home full of dehydrated houseplants, a sink full of dishes, sour milk in the fridge, and clutter all over the living room.

We're only gone a week this time, but organizing pre-xmas would just be part of the master plan of organizing before moving. We rarely do that. We pack and then we move. We do not discard, we do not separate or make decisions. We pack everything and then, while unpacking at our new location, ask ourselves "why on earth did we keep this and move it with us?" But, even then, we are not prompted to throw it out or filter it from our collection of necessities. I might not have looked at it for 10 years, but it must be valuable or I wouldn't keep moving it across countries and states and provinces and ... WHY DON'T I JUST THROW IT OUT????

I have no idea.

I am a clutterbug. I know I have noted this before, but you have no idea just how bad I am. The worst thing is that my darling neschek may be even worse than I am. Only external people can judge us effectively ... and they do. Does it help? Not at all. It launches some guilt that I might have been stifling, but no real progress is made.

I believe that I can do it this time. Like most other overwhelmingly huge projects that intimidate with their size and threat of absorption, I have been avoiding it. This time, I will do it. There are books I bought 6 years ago and haven't yet read. I will be ridding myself of them. There are clothes I wore that no longer fit. Yes, I'll fit them again, but I can then buy NEW clothes. There is furniture that does not need to hang from us like an albatross, so it will be going, too. I believe we'll be ridding ourselves of our bedroom suite and bed, our kitchen table, our downstairs sofa (yes, we have another one), our chairs, our bookshelves that do not fold, our ice cream shoppe table and stools, 7 tons of clothing and books, a twin futon mattress, some lamps, some dinnerware and cutlery, a coffee table ... EVERYTHING MUST GO.

We can do it. I will try to relieve us of a few things via eBay, but if any of this sounds interesting to you, then please let me know. If you can haul it, it's yours.
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