Sonya (phyx) wrote,


Remember how I used to write? No, seriously. Remember how I used to financially support myself with contract screenwriting projects that paid off my outrageous student loans? Why am I no longer doing that? Is it because I have already paid off my student loans? Or, is it because I simply worked myself into too much of a tense fit over the ordeal, as a few of you might recall, working with the director and the insane (later diagnosed medically insane) celebrity narrator? Still, those were the days. Nothing beats writing for me. I have done so much of it. I have published in so many different media -- everything from newspaper editorials and poetry to my screenplays, tech writing, and online software programs submitted at various conferences or from various jobs. I like to write even more than I like to read, lately. It's a self-absorbed vanity, I guess, as is all vanity.
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