Sonya (phyx) wrote,

endless jobs

Well, I had a job interview this morning. I have been avoiding job interviews lately since I've been pursuing the writing gig, but I realize that I can just as easily seek out an agent in the evenings as I can during the day. Plus, we'll have two incomes! How I love money. I do miss our California salaries and the cash we rolled around in while living there, but the two incomes should compensate here in Ohio now that we own a house and are pretty settled into things.

The job interview went fairly well. It lasted much longer than any other job interview I can recall. I do not want to jinx myself, but they asked if I did not think I was "overqualified", since they felt I might be, but were drooling at my skillset, since they were the Computer Science and Systems Analysis Department. I get this nasty "overqualified" epithet from every interviewer here at Miami U. It's a scalding term and prevents me from getting every job I've applied for -- from Web Development and Design to Systems Administration. Yes, my skills have changed dramatically over the years, especially in California. I've shifted my mental exercises from the right side to the left side of my brain and, since all my seizures are based from my left temporal lobe, I wonder if that's not the source of my problem. This is just my bizarre theory and there is no evidence, of course, but it interests me. I'll bring it up to my neurologist and she'll bite her lip to hold back the laughter, but then she and her cohorts will laugh hysterically at my bizarre suggestion over their coffee break. neschek already has. ;) I still find it an interesting theory, however.
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