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phyx's Journal

15 April 1971
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adoption, alopecia areata, anime, atheism, backpacking, baking, bilewax, biting my nails, bonspiels, camping, canada, canadian history, canadian tire, cbc, cbc radio, cedar point, celtic music, chai, chocolate, comparative religion, cooking, crafts, crochet, crokinole, dave bidini, david wisdom, debian, doc martens, dogs, dreams, driving, eels, egg tempura, elliot smith, epilepsy, euchre, ex-goths, expect, fall, fire, fretless basses, geeks, goths, great lakes, hockey, innopac, jujitsu, kids in the hall, king crimson, kingston, knitting, libraries, linux, loreena mckennitt, made in canada, maple cream, margaret atwood, margaret laurence, maritimes, mark messier, maurice richard, michael ondaatje, michel foucault, mitch hepburn, montreal, monty python, moo, mountain bikes, my husband, neutral milk hotel, nicknames, nightlines, nova scotia, nrrds, ohio, oil thigh, oxford ohio, p.l.o.c., perl, php, pico iyer, pierre trudeau, pixies, poetry, pottery, quebecois, queen's, queen's university, reading, recording engineering, renaissance music, rheostatics, richardson's roundup, riding, rings, robertson davies, rohinton mistry, root, sagewoman, sailboats, sailing, san francisco, sarnia, sca, screenwriting, sewing, sigur ros, simpsons, singing, skinny puppy, sleestaks, snow, solitude, sonic youth, sparring, stan rogers, superchargers, superheroes, sushi, tarot cards, the cure, the simpsons, theatre, tony levin, toronto, tragically hip, tricolour, trumpets, unix, vi, vin diesel, w. h. auden, water, weekends, william blake, william lyon mackenzie king, wine, writing, you